17-6-24 Searles – Kurtz Wedding



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June 24th, 2017 I had a wonderful time DJing for Kayla and Andrew Kurtz. They hosted their wedding at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Oakland. This was the first time I had ever been to this venue but I really enjoyed my time there. The ladies working at the venue were very pleasant to work with (Tracy & Stacy). Stacy had made mention of how beautiful the up-lighting looked and how it had transformed the room. I used 24 lights in this very big room and matched the table cloth/bridesmaids dresses with a darker teal and also used a second color of a light pink, almost a blush to match the flowers on each centerpiece.

The wedding was a great time and really easy for me since majority of the guests invited were involved in some sort of music or live performance on a regular basis so they danced the night away. We even had a small chance to celebrate the Penguins Stanley Cup championship with a home made Cup. It didn’t hurt that the groom’s family was from Philly. The best man didn’t roast the groom as expected by the surprise speech from the Mother of the Groom Michele (Nancy) was the roasting we all love to hear in our toasts.

Kayla and Andrew were absolutely wonderful to work with. Kayla knew exactly what she wanted and was able to communicate with me very well. Whenever she would let me know her idea, I found a way to make it work. I hope all of my brides are as great as these two were.

This event was advertised by Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services and subcontracted to DJ Bryan Hoover.

Below is the review posted by Kayla on The Knot.com. Here are some photos and I also made a simple recording for one of my potential future clients and shared a raw video from the wedding.


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