So Typically I am very reserved when purchasing items that  I do not believe will be of value. I came across this competition on Facebook for Stickerlight. I saw some of the videos and really liked the product. The competition was simple, comment on the post, and like the post. In the mean time I emailed the company and asked about the product. It was very simple, I email them a logo or they would help me design one, I provide my laptop model # so they can size the sticker accordingly, I pay the fee, they have it turned into an LED sticker.

I asked about the price. $250. Now I really liked this sticker but I wasn’t about to drop $250. I replied basically with “Thanks but not thanks”.

A few days later while  I was scrolling through my feed on FB I seen a live video from Stickerlight. This guy was pulling numbers from a bowl and announcing a name to coincide with the number. I assumed it was in response to the competition so I listened in for a few minutes. Confused by the comments “Call my number” or “how do I find out my number”. I decided to ask “how does this work?”. Michael Sparks (the man in the video and whom I had been emailing back and forth about the sticker” verbally responded to my question, “if you followed the competition rules, your post is associated with a number, I’m pulling random numbers to find 50 winners”.

I had actually not read the rules but I know I met the entry criteria so I went to find out what you win if you do get called. Having no luck I asked again “what do you win if your number/name is pulled?” Michael was quick to tell me “50% off your purchase”. Knowing that he was charging my $250 before, I had the opportunity to only pay $125. As my famous line is for many things “I’ve wasted that much money on dumber stuff in the past”. So I continued to listen the live stream while I drove home from work. No need to watch, It was just Michael in what looked like his basement in front of a monitor or two pulling numbers and adding those names to an excel list.

Then he calls my number 498. I had no clue it was my number, I never expected him to even call it. He scrolled through the FB comments and boom, “Bryan Hoover, hey wasn’t that guy in here asking questions?” The first opportunity to respond w/o wrecking I commented back.

Michael messaged me the next day and said that I was the 82nd name or so to speak whom was drafted, since only 50 winners were to be awarded, I had to wait for 32 to deny their prize. It didn’t take long, 5 days later I got an E-mail from Michael, “You are in position to claim your prize of 50% off, would you like to purchase?” F-it, I’ll do it.

40 days later I received a package. Not just 1 sticker but 2. Now I don’t recall anywhere saying that I was going to get a 2nd sticker but I’m not complaining, if the first one gets destroyed or I buy a new laptop, I’m set for another.


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