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Bryan provides music entertainment for all types of events, but if there is one area he specializes in, it would certainly be weddings. He will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding reception goes perfectly. The reason clients hire Bryan is because they want to relax, have fun and know that their guests are attending on the best weddings ever.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. This is why you want to find a true professional who will do more than just play music. Bryan because providing music and live entertainment in 2001. The key to any successful event is having a performer who understands how to move through the event as if every piece was well planned, even if things go wrong. When you hire Bryan, you’re getting a music entertainer, an event planner and a reception coordinator.

Music is the heart and soul of a wedding. A good entertainer will read the audience and play the right song in the right moment to keep everyone dancing. Each wedding is uniquely important and should be treated as such.

When you book Bryan to provide music entertainment for your reception, the first thing you will receive is access to a custom online wedding event planner. This will guide you through planning of your entire wedding reception from cocktail hour, to the last dance. It will give you tips, song lists and suggestions on how to plan the perfect wedding reception.

Most importantly, Bryan is a wealth of knowledge. He has been a part of nearly 500, different wedding receptions and he can offer free unlimited planning assistance and wedding tips. He understands that you probably have never planned a wedding before, and that’s perfectly alright.

  • Bryan will play most if not all of your requests, provide professional master of ceremony services for your wedding, or if you prefer, he can keep the announcing to a minimum and maintain the reception flow.
  • The music will reflect the romance and elegance of your wedding day, and you will decide what music you would like to hear on your special day. You will create a “Must Play” a “Play if Possible” and a “Do Not Play” list.
  • He will cater and provide personalized detailed service to your every need.
  • If requested, he will meet with you weeks in advance and go over every detail of your wedding. He will guarantee a telephone meeting days before your event to make sure both you and me are on the same page so that you can have the wedding you have always dreamed about.
  • He will work closely with your other vendors like the photographer, videographer, wedding planner and reception coordinator. This will keep all of the vendors on the same page so not a single moment is missed, and everything is exactly as expected.
  • Finally, it’s your wedding. You should be the person who plans your wedding. Most people only have one, have the one you want! The one you have dreamed of!


  • The Online Event Planner features interactive guest requests and song search. The automated music library has the unique ability to allowing you to pre-plan and select all of the songs for your event online.
  • The automated music library will also allow your guests to choose song requests online! You will be given a unique user name to send to your guests (Recommend one song each guest for your reception).
  • The interactive features allow you full access to use our wedding planning forms; this is in addition to music database and additional tools.

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