Music Entertainment

The primary service is to provide music. The entertainment is one of the biggest pieces of your event that your guests will remember. With that said, I am a mixing DJ. This means that I blend music together to create on the spot changes to popular songs. I also rarely allow the same song to play very long. Most people these days are ready for the next song after the chorus anyways. Hiring a playlist DJ or using a music service like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora won’t work out as well as you think. They are much cheaper, but there is zero crowd interaction. A playlist can’t see a conga line forming or that majority of your guests don’t like a song. Above all, I play 100% clean, edited music at 100 decibels. I don’t want a guest to complain it was too loud just like you don’t want a guest to complain “This DJ Sucks”.


Do you want to make your wedding reception pop with beautiful color? Take a look at what up-lighting can do for you. The lights can shine any color you want. Don’t like the color, I can instantly change it with a laptop. Check out this link for pictures and videos!

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Event Planner

Need help planning your wedding? I have over 15 years of experience in live entertainment. I want your wedding to be the best party ever. Why? The best parties are the most fun to be at. I will go above and beyond to help you plan and coordinate your wedding. This link has some information on how to pick the right DJ. Check it out!

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DJ Equipment

I use only the BEST DJ equipment.

  • Will it be loud enough? As loud as it needs to be!
  • Does it look nice? Absolutely!
  • Is it reliable? Yes, but just in case… I always have back up equipment with me!

Go look at some of my pictures of my equipment!

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