Mary Rushin 6-4-2016

A big part of all the great memories from our reception had something to do with DJ Bryan Hoover. Timely: We arrived at our reception site before our guests to take pictures and Bryan was already there set up and testing all of his equipment. Organized: Before the reception began he took 2 minutes with us to review the timeline just to make sure that everything was the way it was supposed to be. There was one hitch in our plans so I’m so glad he took the time to speak with us. Throughout the evening Bryan discretely checked in with us to tell us that the next event was going to happen in 5 minutes, or after the next 3 songs. Professional: Bryan kept my guests dancing and laughing the entire evening. He stayed true to our song selections and kept the volume appropriate to the room size. His interactions with my guests according to my guests were, “so funny” and “very thoughtful.” Overall: I absolutely recommend Bryan. He will make your event something that you and your guests will make unforgettable memories at.