Rebecca Kallis 9-17-2016

We booked DJ Bryan Hoover for our wedding on 09/17/2016 and we were so happy with the quality of service that he brought to the wedding!!! We had a bunch of ridiculously specific requests, and Bryan made sure that every single request happened and that they happened perfectly and smoothly! He has a good sense of humor and is really laid back, which made for such a great DJ the night of the wedding; he had people laughing at points and multiple guests commented on how personable/enjoyable the DJ was! His sense of humor and easygoing attitude also made wedding planning so simple. He took the reins to make sure that everything happened when we wanted it to, and took time to make sure that he got even the smallest details correct such as name pronunciations, etc. Lastly, All-Stars has a really cool website where you can upload all of your special songs and make requests for music to be played! It was really awesome and made music planning really fun and easy.