How Much is a Professional Disc Jockey’s Service Really Worth?

A recent bridal survey said that before the wedding, the entertainment usually fell to the bottom of the budget priority list and was considered one of the smallest expenditures, yet after the wedding, most surveyed brides wish they had spent more and made entertainment one of their highest priorities. Why do you think that happened?

Unless you have actually experienced mediocre or even disastrous wedding entertainment, many people make the mistake of thinking that it is “just the music”, all entertainers are the same and that a cheaper priced DJ is a better value for their money. Again, this is a big mistake!

Entertainment is a talent-based service and each Disc Jockey entertainer will bring a different level of talent, quality of service, experience, and expertise to your wedding day. Some entertainers DO an outstanding job at creating a fun, memorable, and worry-free celebration…unfortunately, the reality is that many DO NOT. Using price as a major consideration for hiring your entertainer will usually lead you to the latter.

In order to find the best fit for what you are looking for in a highly skilled entertainment professional. It is important to realize that you need more than “just music”! Events are typically not very smooth without a good team working fluently together. This is why it is extremely important for the DJ to work with your other vendors. Also; a considerable amount of time will be needed to pre-plan the day’s details, provide quality  energetic music with an amazing light display, and an articulate master of ceremonies to fill an overall leadership role for your party will all be vital to the success of your wedding.

Since the entertainment you choose will have a profound and direct effect on the successful and memorable outcome of your wedding day celebration as it would be in your best interest to dig much deeper into the quality of service you receive, opposed to simply deciding based on price alone.

Consider that if you are paying less than $1,000 for your Disc Jockey, you are taking a chance on a Disc Jockey who is most likely not a truly skilled professional and may very well sell your reception to an even less qualified Disc Jockey that you will meet for the very first time at your reception or special event.