17-5-27 Yoho – Novak Wedding


Brianne and Nick hired me to be their DJ at the Rustic Acre Farms. Brianne had a bridesmaid that was friends with a fellow Pittsburgh All-Star Member “Jason Lacko”. Since Jason was unable to DJ the event, he had me speak with the bride and groom to see if we were a fit.

We hit it off right away. Brianne and Nick are an incredible young couple out of U of Pitt Johnstown and were living in Portugal where Nick plays professional Basketball.

Communication with Brianne and Nick was minimal but they knew exactly what they wanted and I knew exactly how to provide it.

Very rarely do I get a group that wants to dance and party from start to finish. Typically, there are guests that feel the need to be intoxicated before they can let loose. The Novak’s invited a fantastic group of friends and family that wanted to let loose before the couple even said their “I Do’s”.

I worked along side Veronica Varos and ShoFilms. Both were very accommodating and so easy to work with. Check out this teaser video from ShoFilms.

This event was advertised by Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services and subcontracted to DJ Bryan Hoover.

Thank you for choosing me as your DJ.


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