Blake Wedding 7-8-17

July 8th, 2017 I was fortunate to DJ for Kylene and Justin at the Omni Bedford Springs resort. Justin and I spoke about a year prior to the wedding after receiving my business card from my wife at her place of work. I told Justin everything I had to offer and he wanted everything for Kylene. Within the resort, I set up 20 wireless up-lights, my wife, Tricia, set up and operated the photo booth and I DJ’ed. We had a small issue when just before the outdoor wedding ceremony it began to rain extremely hard. Both the venue and I had moved to the alternate location within the facility and the beautiful bride walked down the new isle within 30 minutes.

I got to work with my good friend Mike Leonardi of Candidly-yours Photography. Mike has been a good friend since he was the photographer of my wedding in 2011. Above are the photos Mike released to me.

The up-lights and photo booth are both products of Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services.

17-6-24 Searles – Kurtz Wedding



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June 24th, 2017 I had a wonderful time DJing for Kayla and Andrew Kurtz. They hosted their wedding at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Oakland. This was the first time I had ever been to this venue but I really enjoyed my time there. The ladies working at the venue were very pleasant to work with (Tracy & Stacy). Stacy had made mention of how beautiful the up-lighting looked and how it had transformed the room. I used 24 lights in this very big room and matched the table cloth/bridesmaids dresses with a darker teal and also used a second color of a light pink, almost a blush to match the flowers on each centerpiece.

The wedding was a great time and really easy for me since majority of the guests invited were involved in some sort of music or live performance on a regular basis so they danced the night away. We even had a small chance to celebrate the Penguins Stanley Cup championship with a home made Cup. It didn’t hurt that the groom’s family was from Philly. The best man didn’t roast the groom as expected by the surprise speech from the Mother of the Groom Michele (Nancy) was the roasting we all love to hear in our toasts.

Kayla and Andrew were absolutely wonderful to work with. Kayla knew exactly what she wanted and was able to communicate with me very well. Whenever she would let me know her idea, I found a way to make it work. I hope all of my brides are as great as these two were.

This event was advertised by Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services and subcontracted to DJ Bryan Hoover.

Below is the review posted by Kayla on The Here are some photos and I also made a simple recording for one of my potential future clients and shared a raw video from the wedding.


17-5-27 Yoho – Novak Wedding


Brianne and Nick hired me to be their DJ at the Rustic Acre Farms. Brianne had a bridesmaid that was friends with a fellow Pittsburgh All-Star Member “Jason Lacko”. Since Jason was unable to DJ the event, he had me speak with the bride and groom to see if we were a fit.

We hit it off right away. Brianne and Nick are an incredible young couple out of U of Pitt Johnstown and were living in Portugal where Nick plays professional Basketball.

Communication with Brianne and Nick was minimal but they knew exactly what they wanted and I knew exactly how to provide it.

Very rarely do I get a group that wants to dance and party from start to finish. Typically, there are guests that feel the need to be intoxicated before they can let loose. The Novak’s invited a fantastic group of friends and family that wanted to let loose before the couple even said their “I Do’s”.

I worked along side Veronica Varos and ShoFilms. Both were very accommodating and so easy to work with. Check out this teaser video from ShoFilms.

This event was advertised by Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services and subcontracted to DJ Bryan Hoover.

Thank you for choosing me as your DJ.


17-5-20 Bruggeman-Orton Wedding

May 20th, 2017 I was contracted from Pittsburgh All-stars Event Services to work with Samantha and Eric. Sam and Eric hosted their wedding at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott in Coraopolis, PA.

I have worked at this hotel numerous times, but this was the first time in the this banquet room. The bride and groom were a very lovely couple with a great group of friends.

Thank you both for booking me as your wedding DJ.

This event was advertised by Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services and subcontracted to DJ Bryan Hoover.

*Update – Here is the great review written by Samantha Orton


17-5-13 Josh & Jess Hoover



Saturday was the first wedding of the 2017 season for me. I had the luxury of working for Josh & Jess Hoover. I met with this couple at Panera Bread in Monroeville, PA back in June/July 2016. Josh and Jess found me through Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services.  We had a great meeting but the obvious sign was that Josh and I both shared the same last name. Both Josh and Jess live in North Carolina so it was not easy to plan their wedding.

I arrived at the Robinson estate (Jessica’s Family property) to find a beautiful Amish constructed Barn next to a portable tent (w/ clear vinyl roof). The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful inside the barn. The guests were given bales of hay (cover w/ sheets) to sit on and any of the extra guests that could not fit inside the barn sat along the hillside looking into the open barn doors at the ceremony.

Dinner was provided by two (2) food trucks “SouthSide BBQ Company” and “BRGR” Josh Hoover told me a ball park number of what he spent and I am surprised many more clients don’t look into this. The food was FANTASTIC.

Shortly after dinner we had our formality dances (First Dance, Father-Daughter, Mother-Son). Josh and Jess did not want all of the attention as most of their families were there so half-way through their respective dances with their parents, they requested other father-daughter’s or mother-sons to join the moment on the dance floor. It was a really cool sequence that went over very well.

Finally, we ended the night with a packed dance floor inside the barn dancing to dedicated hits like “Hansons’s – MMMBOP” or “Lil Scrappy’s – Gangsta Gangsta” from the bride and groom to their friends. As the night ended, a lantern release took place on the same hillside many guests had earlier congregated to watch a beautiful couple agree to commit their lives together. While the lanterns were taking flight, Jessica’s bridesmaid and cousin sang her rendition of “My Wish” from Rascal Flatts.

I couldn’t ask for a better start to the 2017 wedding season. Congratulations again to Josh and Jess. Thank you so much for choosing me as your DJ.

Event advertised by Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services and subcontracted to DJ Bryan Hoover.

*Update (17-6-1) This is the Review written for me on from Jessica. Thank you for your kind words.


Norwin Prom 2017

Friday May 12th, I worked alongside DJ Jammin Jason (Jason Rullo) of Jammin Entertainment. Jason was contracted to DJ Norwin School District’s Prom for a 4th or 5th consecutive time at the Shriner’s Syria in Cheswick, Pa. Jason and I have had a few attempts at combining our sound & lighting systems but this year we wanted a very clean look yet powerful enough cover a room full of 600 kids.

Both Jason and I use the QSC K12’s with the QSC KW181 subwoofers. The only issue with the facility and our setup is that the dance floor is sunken below the stage and we did not feel it would be safe to place the subs on the floor. We believed that the kids would eventually attempt to dance on the speakers and we could not afford the risk of these kids falling off of our speakers. I thought it would be best to keep the speakers tight together in hopes to combine the sound rather than having it potentially cancel itself out by spreading it out. We had done this in the past so it was worth the shot of placing all 4 tops together. Both Jason and I could hear a “Coning effect” if we walked in certain direction past the speakers in an empty room. We both felt we could move forward with this attempt with 600+ bodies soaking up some of the sound.

We also combined our lighting systems and this time we wanted to include some lights on the back of the dance floor. I set up my LED Par’s with my (2) Inno Roll LED’s with wireless DMX connection on the back side of the dance floor. Then I got to programming so all of the light fixtures would work together seamlessly and without any delay or issues.

The Prom was a blast. The system sounded incredible and the lights were absolutely vibrant. We catered to as many requests as we could and kept the kids involved with the occasional shout out to different class man. I recorded some video on my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and took some still shots w/ Jason’s camera. Jason did catch some video on his camera while I DJed a little bit. Check out these photos and the video I made from the footage. We look forward to DJing Norwin’s Homecoming Dance on September 23rd.

16-9-10 Julie & James Wade

This fall I had the privilege to work with some fantastic clients Julie and James. They hosted their reception at the White Barn in Prospect, PA. It was my first time working at this venue and besides the lengthy travel, it was worth it. The barn is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing not only the edges of the dance floor packed but the the two loft spaces above the dance floor full of guests watching the couple share their first dance. Julie and James had an amazing invitation list that danced all night. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was magical. Thank you for choosing Pittsburgh All-Stars and DJ Bryan for your Entertainment.

Skys the Limit Photography is always a pleasure to work with. I am a really big fan of Edward’s work. He is a very funny, smart, and charismatic guy who is truly a professional. Not many photographers will go the lengths he does to get the shot and he does it every single time. Here is just one of the many amazing shots he took during this wedding.



Jonah Epps Videography recently posted a very beautiful highlight film. Please take a look at their work as it is some of the better wedding films I have seen. Working with Jonah Epps was fantastic. They had every piece of equipment needed, they hid their gear that was not in use (I am a big fan of vendor appearance at a weddings). They were great to work with and extremely nice. Check out this highlight Film posted by Jonah Epps Video.